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Song Sparrow Music starts with a large collection of songs and instrumental music by Valerie Connelly. Her music career spans a lifetime writing hundreds of songs. Valerie performed professionally from her teen years onward to the present day. As a composer for stage and screen, her first forays into these worlds began in the 1990s, and today, with the freedom to follow her passions where they take her, she is providing her music here for all to hear.

This is just the beginning!

Our mission is to support talented musicians

with a profitable home at Song Sparrow Music. 

Plans are in the works to offer performing artists and musicians a supportive way to earn meaningful money from their own music, build a following, and promote themselves and their music to grow and prosper. We want you to have the flexibility and freedom you need to show the world who you are as a performer, composer, singer/songwriter without having to build and manage a costly website. In the coming months we will bring you up to speed on this opportunity. Please use the contact form below to share your thoughts with us.

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