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Above the Clouds

The Earth is made of rock and water.

Without them both there could be no life.

Solar Eclipse

The eclipse of 2017 passed over Valerie's house. She fabricated a lens filter for her handy-cam and photographed the eclipse. She then edited the footage to 6 minutes and composed the music to underscore the event.
Enjoy this reminder of how small we really are.

Valerie Connelly
65 Songs to choose from now and more to come!

These songs come from the full spectrum of Valerie's professional singing and songwriting career from the 1980s to the present day. There are many more from the earlier years yet to be restored and converted to current-day technology, and when they are, they'll be showing up on this site. Also, she continues to write songs and compose instrumentals which will appear on this site in the coming months. Listen to the songs in LOVE IS...Two Worlds her Sci-Fi Musical feature film by going to the website.

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