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Above the Clouds

Coming Soon! Earn what you're worth!

It's hard to make a living as a musician. Singer/Songwriters and Composers, Artists and the Band. We believe you should earn what you're worth!

And --- YOUR FANS will support you!

Don't have the skills or the money to make a website? That's all right!

We provide you with a Page where you can sell your music at the price you set.

You can edit which songs or compositions are on your page.

Write a new song? Put it up on your page. Is a song not selling? Replace it.

Are you on SoundCloud? We have a player that makes is simple

to add your tracks directly from your playlists.

You can easily design your Page to fit your genre of music.

Your fans will buy from you directly, and you'll earn every penny.

If you go into a studio and produce professional recordings,

we can recommend you to our licensing partners. 

Read our TERMS & CONDITIONS to be sure your music qualifies.  

Select a Plan to Become a Member TODAY!

  • Sell Your Music

    Every month
    Earn Like a Pro!
    • Receive 100% of Your Sales
    • Build Your Following
    • Set Your Own Download Price
  • Promote Your Music

    Every month
    Drive Fans to Your Page!
    • The More Fans Who Visit, The More Money You Make
    • Get Your Music Out There!
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